Modern Day Disney Princesses : Animation To REAL Life!

When I think of a Princess, I immediately think of Disney and the many Disney Princesses who have been such a huge part of my life growing up. From Ariel, The Little Mermaid who was brave enough to explore an unknown world above the sea to Mulan, whose courage reassures women that they are every bit as capable as men.

Many women of my generation have grown up with these animated role models who are female and fearless, who aren’t just damsels in distress, but strong women who face adversity straight on, be it fleeing from a wicked stepmother and setting up house with seven little men or fighting the Manchurian army and gaining the respect of the emperor and the entire nation.

Modern day Princesses, however, are the true inspiration for this blog of mine. This is because I truly believe that deep down, every girl would like to be treated like a Princess.

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