Malaysian Street Food

One thing I missed about Malaysia when I was in Sydney was the little road side stalls selling an assortment of food and drinks. These stalls usually open during the mornings to catch the morning rush where people would purchase some of these foods to bring along to work for a simple meal or during the afternoons where people would pick out some tea time treats to get them through the late afternoon slump.

These stalls vary in size, ranging from just a couple of plastic tables to an entire row of such tables set up with the food neatly arranged side by side, packets of nasi lemak (coconut milk rice with chilli paste, anchovies, egg and cucumbers), fried flat rice noodles, fried vermicelli, fried yellow noodles, the kuih-muih (assortment of cakes) in oblong plastic containers ready to be picked up by tongs and slipped into plastic bags. Continue reading