Tough Times Don’t Last, Only Tough People Do

During a particularly low point in my life last year while I was still living by myself in Sydney, Australia, I had a chat with a childhood friend online. He’s a successful businessman and investor back here in Malaysia and Singapore and has been an inspiration for the past few years. He is also truthful about his own struggles in his personal and professional life and is quick to admit that the road to success is paved with setbacks and disappointments. There was a time in his life when he had to subsist on instant noodles and even cracking an egg into the noodles was deemed a luxury which could not be afforded all the time.

Pasta is the equivalent to instant noodles in Australia. Supermarket items in Australia regularly go on sale and I would scour the supermarket pamphlets weekly to see what was on sale. Continue reading

The Fame Monster

In this day and age of social media influence, the race to be ‘discovered’ and be famous still persists. With every ‘like’ that a Facebook or Instagram post generates, one feels a sense of glee that someone out there has acknowledged a status update or post. With every added Facebook friend and follower on Instagram, one is hopeful that they are on their way to becoming socially accepted by the masses.

I am not exempt from such emotions. It is deeply ingrained in us a need to be loved and accepted. Facebook and Instagram allow us to reconnect with long lost friends and keep in touch no matter where we are. But at times we take it way too seriously. Continue reading