An Ode to my Wonderful Parents

We’ve all heard about the ‘generation gap’ that exists between parents and their children. As teenagers and young adults, we most probably went through a bit of a rebellious stage whereby we disagreed over nearly everything our parents had to say.

I think as I grow older, I have learnt to appreciate them a bit more. I’m aware of the sacrifices they have made for me and the unconditional love that they’ve showered on me throughout my lifetime. It isn’t easy for me to express my love for them as I’m not one for blatant displays of emotion. Continue reading

4 Things To Do in Johor Bahru City

Mum and I took a trip down to Johor Bahru (JB) City last week. Here are some of the things which we did there, including having brunch, picking up a pair of gold ear studs, buying freshly baked bread and banana cake and indulging in some retail therapy at Johor Bahru City Square (JBCS) and Johor Bahru City Centre (JBCC).

1) Muthu Restaurant Johor Bahru

Mum and I had brunch at Muthu restaurant on Jalan Trus with both of us ordering Rava Thosai, an Indian crepe made with semolina, rice flour and water.

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