My Heart Wants What It Wants: Back To Working With Children With Disabilities

Some months ago, I told my close family and friends that I had brought my Master of Occupational Therapy certificate back from Sydney to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to be made into a plaque and hung up on the wall because I had had enough of working in that field. That I was moving on to something a little more glamorous, onwards to the world of high fashion, beauty and travel. And so towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I worked on my personal brand, set up a blog and did a photoshoot for it.

Yet there was a still voice in the back of my mind, emanating from the depths of my heart that I needed to continue working with children, especially those with disabilities. The sort of work that I was doing that I had left behind in Sydney. I can’t describe it any other way than as a calling, a calling that my life purpose as an able bodied person is to serve those with disabilities. It was something that I couldn’t ignore.


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So off I went online to apply for jobs that would allow me to work closely with children with disabilities. I was called up for a first interview in mid February at a school for children with special needs in Singapore. After a short chat with the clinical director and an occupational therapist, they observed me as I interacted with a girl of about eight years of age who had a disability. I was given the task to engage her in activities within the gymnasium and fill in an assessment form about her capabilities. I engaged her patiently with building blocks and coloured balls and filled in the assessment form to the best of my ability. We then had another short chat about my interests and I was told that I would be contacted by the Human Resource (HR) team.

To my delight, I was contacted by the HR team the next day and asked to return for a second interview the following day. Like the clinical director and the occupational therapist, the HR team was lovely and answered any questions that I would have about the position. I was offered the job and I gladly accepted it.


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The job starts in March and I am looking forward to working closely with children with disabilities once again. It will be a bit of an adventure relocating to the Singapore, the Lion City. Come along with me on my journey and see where this leads!

Till next time!
Jacinta Kee