The Fame Monster

In this day and age of social media influence, the race to be ‘discovered’ and be famous still persists. With every ‘like’ that a Facebook or Instagram post generates, one feels a sense of glee that someone out there has acknowledged a status update or post. With every added Facebook friend and follower on Instagram, one is hopeful that they are on their way to becoming socially accepted by the masses.

I am not exempt from such emotions. It is deeply ingrained in us a need to be loved and accepted. Facebook and Instagram allow us to reconnect with long lost friends and keep in touch no matter where we are. But at times we take it way too seriously. Do we really have to feel dejected when a post garners only 10 likes as opposed to the 100 that we feel we deserve?

Having recently started this blog, I too fall in this trap of wondering if the content that I put out there is being well received. Being quite a private person, putting myself out there through my musings on a public blog is by no means an easy thing to do. Yet I find it oddly therapeutic to be able to indulge in my love for stringing words together. As a close friend kindly reminded me, even if my blog inspires one person, I should consider it a job well done.


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Fame and fortune are things that people seek in the hope of finding happiness and fulfilment. Yet judging by the numerous issues that movie stars and pop singers alike face, fame and fortune do not necessarily equate to happiness and fulfilment. Quite the opposite, actually. The late Princess Diana was so plagued by fame and fortune that she met with an untimely death attempting to escape from the clutches of the notorious paparazzi who were hell bent on capturing her every move.

So as I continue putting myself out there and organising my thoughts into words, I shall aim to treat this blog as a journey of self-discovery more so than a fame seeking entity. If you’re reading this, I thank you for coming along on this journey with me into the unknown abyss that we all know of as ‘Life’.

Till next time!

Jacinta Kee