Swim, girl, swim!

As a child, I had always wanted to learn how to swim. For years I had to be contented with frolicking around the children’s wading pool, or be confined to the shallow end of the adult pool, watching longingly as others swam freely within it. Finally when I was in primary school, at the age of 10, I enrolled in swimming lessons and learnt how to do the front crawl and the breast stroke otherwise known as the frog style. Finally, I was free to swim around the adult pool and swim laps like the others who had learnt the skill!

Fast forward to today and I am still an avid swimmer. The last apartment that I lived in in Sydney had a little indoor pool where I gladly did laps in after work. It was deliciously warm as it was heated during those dreary winter months. It was a source of relaxation after a hard day’s work caring for children. I would swim for thirty minutes and then allow myself to soak in the adjoining jacuzzi for ten minutes, letting the hot jets of bubbling water ease the tension in my muscles.

2015-05-27 12.42.28

2015-05-27 12.41.59

To my utter dismay, when I came home to my parents’ apartment complex in Johor Bahru, I found the pool to be empty! This was due to a spate of water rationing occurring in Johor Bahru during that time. Oh, the travesty! I was not a happy camper, looking down at the cavernous and empty pool.

Thankfully, the water supply has since been restored and I’m proud to announce that I have resumed swimming regularly again. I go down for my daily swim at around 7am in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day off. I feel relaxed and reenergised after every swim. It’s amazing what a mere 30 minutes gliding through a body of water can do.


I’m not one who enjoys working out at the gym. All I really like to do is either to walk or to swim, which I find relatively effortless. Like most other people, I feel that there’s room for improvement in terms of my body, but I’m learning to let go of being obsessed about my physical shape and concentrate on being fit and healthy. In addition to swimming in the mornings, I’ve added walking for 30 minutes in the evenings with my iPod shuffle securely plugged into my ears. Here’s to a healthier and fitter 2016!

I hope this post has inspired you to get moving this year!

Till next time!

Jacinta Kee