Zen : The Stillness Project with Tom Cronin

Whilst I was in Sydney, I had the absolute pleasure of being in the company of Pauline Nguyen, owner of the award winning Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern, mother, sister, best selling author and self proclaimed spiritual entrepreneur. She stated that a Harvard University study showed that every successful entrepreneur regularly meditated. My ears perked up at the mention of ‘Harvard’ and ‘successful entrepreneur’ and I asked Pauline who she studied meditation under. Her reply was, “Tom Cronin.” Those two words has since catapulted me into a journey of learning how to slow myself down in this hectic world and take some time to quieten my inner being.

Pauline Nguyen

Pauline Nguyen

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Tom Cronin is the founder of The Stillness Project and he aims to inspire 1 billion people to meditate daily. For 26 years, Tom was a successful finance broker. During his time as a finance broker, he felt overcome by stress that affected his daily living and turned to meditation to alleviated those symptoms. Tom has since left the world of finance and instead spends his time teaching people how to meditate and inspiring many to turn to this ancient art within this modern world.

I attended one of Tom’s weekend meditation courses at his place in Bondi, Sydney. It was an intense weekend of learning how to meditate straight from the get go. There was a group of about seven people including myself. We sat in chairs in one of the rooms in the house used specifically for meditation. Tom had given each of us a personal mantra to be repeated throughout the course of our meditation. We started with a few minutes and eventually worked our way up to the optimal 20 minutes. We would break once for a light vegan lunch prepared by Tom and his wife, Jen, before resuming our meditation.

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The Stillness Project

Ever since I’ve attended Tom’s weekend meditation course, I’ve been practising the art of meditation daily. Tom had stated that the optimum time to sleep is from 10pm where one should cease to use all forms of technology till 6am when one rises to face the new day ahead. So these days I’m usually in bed by 10pm unless I’m out for a function and rise at 6am, whereby I’ll listen to some music before settling down to meditate for 20 minutes. I am beyond amazed that I am able to sit still for 20 minutes. It is simple but not easy. Yet totally doable.

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Tom Cronin

While I’m still in-between projects in JB, I’ve also slipped in an afternoon meditation session, usually around 4pm. Yes, I can successfully detach myself from the business of the day for two blocks of twenty minutes a day! The key is to take Nike’s tagline literally and ‘Just Do It’! Meditation has helped me become more mindful of living in the present moment and to detach myself and not to take things too personally which is useful when dealing with other people. I also find myself thinking more creatively.

I hope this post has inspired you to try out this ancient art of being still and in the moment, blocking out the hurried nature of the modern world which we live in.

Till next time!

Jacinta Kee