Photoshoot with Elisha Rusli of Bulletproof Branding & Design


I had the utmost pleasure of working with Elisha Rusli of Bulletproof Branding & Design when it came to building my blog. She’s a self professed tech whiz and television show aficionado with a passion for assisting startups with their brand.

We first met each other in the year 2000 as high school students who attended the same Maths and Science tuition class back in our hometown of Johor Bahru. Fast forward some fifteen years or so later and we reconnected with one another over Facebook as I laughed at the witty pop culture posters that she would post up on Facebook.When I had the idea to start my own blog with the modern day princess in mind, Elisha was quick to jump on the bandwagon to work with me to build my website.


As part of her services, I got to visit her lovely photo studio in her apartment in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital of Malaysia. Never having done a professional photoshoot before, I was understandably a little nervous. I’m by no means a professional model but doing a photoshoot seemed like good fun. So off I went to KL with some clothes and my cosmetics case in tow, eager to see what this new adventure would be like.

In total, we spent 2 half days shooting a variety of photos for my blog with different lightings and backdrops. I did my makeup. Elisha assisted with my hair. Elisha was very professional and made me feel comfortable, patiently giving me directions from behind the lens. When friends commented on how good the photos looked and said that I had a flair for modelling, I was quick to remind them that photography is teamwork. As much as I would like to think that I’m great a modelling, I know that I could not have done it without Elisha’s expertise from behind the lens.


This is not a sponsored post as Elisha did charge me a fee for her services. I’m sharing this because I truly had fun at the photoshoot and would highly recommend Elisha and Bulletproof Branding & Design to anyone keen on starting their own website or any startups or small businesses who would benefit from both social media as well as branding expertise.


You can check out her website here:

Till next time!
Jacinta Kee