Returning to live in Johor Bahru (JB) wasn’t something that I had planned. After leaving for Sydney, Australia, I didn’t think that I would return to live in Malaysia, let alone my hometown of JB. When I came home in October of 2015, I thought I would live the rest of the year in JB recuperating from the hectic life in Sydney before returning there in January of 2016. Come January and February of 2016 and I’m still here.

It certainly has been a bit of a readjustment, moving back in with my parents and having to live with them after being away for so long. Yet I cherish the time that I’m able to spend with them. Being an only child, I do feel responsible for their wellbeing. And apart from financially supporting my family, I feel that being present is also a great way to show my appreciation for my parents.


I had thought that I would be back in Sydney this year, working in the fashion and beauty industry, a 180 degree turn from paediatric disability care and childcare that I had previously worked in. Yet I feel a deep seated calling whereby I’m called to continue to work with children, primarily those who have disabilities.

As opposed to being an employee, I also feel strongly to learn how to run a business, a field that I have felt a keen interest in but have never had the chance to explore. To me, business is fascinating as one deals not only with facts and figures but with people. Managing and working with people from all walks of life towards a greater purpose to serve the needs of society. That’s what business is all about.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be back in JB, which is right next to Singapore where after the Lunar New Year in early February, I will be volunteering at Trehaus, the first parent child co-working space in Asia where entrepreneurial parents have access to office facilities while enabling them to have their children engage in educational play in the adjoining Children’s Atelier. Alongside that, I will also be joining CRIB Society, a social enterprise for female entrepreneurs to come together to build more female led businesses.


Trehaus Co Working

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CRIB Society

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Am I nervous about taking time off to pursue my dreams and follow the path less travelled? You bet I am. Yet I believe that life is about taking chances and going with the flow. So here goes nothing! Come along with me as I venture into the unknown.

Till next time!
Jacinta Kee